Committee Members

List Of Committee Members

The Committee Member that were chosen to be a part of Bumiputra Solar Association


Advisor of BuSFA

Current advisor of BuSFA are Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) UKM and Gratings Inc. US


Selection of Members

The selection of members are based on representative of solar companies


Collection of Activities

Gallery contain activities of BuSFA

Feed-In Tariff

MyFit Scheme is our initiative to support Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) Program, the Malaysia's newest renewable energy initiative. The basic concept is to allow every building owners to produce energy and feed back to the national feed-in-grid.

The distribution license pays the renewable energy power generator a premium for clean energy that is generated. This allows owners to sell their clean energy to the distribution license for a fixed number of years. The incentive provide a fixed payment from the electricity supplier for every kilowatt hour(kWh) of electricity generated and a guaranteed minimum payment for every kWh exported to the grid.

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